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Full Service Weddings

We’re… giving you evvverything…
(Please sing to the tune of the Spice Girls!)


The Experience

Unlimited Availability via Text & Email - If you’re waking up in a cold sweat from some horrific wedding nightmares, text us! Don’t worry girl, we got you!

Custom Designs + Mood Boards -
Sure, Pinterest is fun for inspiration, but you don’t want a carbon copy of some random image! Let’s create something totally you.

Built-In Flexiblity -
Substitutions and adjustments are allowed up until one month prior to your event. Styles change, guest lists fluctuate, so we build in lots of flexibility to ensure you get exactly what you need!

Delivery, Setup & Strike - We’re there to make it perfect and we’re there to clean it all up at the end of the night so you, your Maid of Honor, and you Mom won’t have to lift a finger.

Fun Little Surprises - We are not kidding when we say we want you to have fun with us! Expect a few special surprises from us throughout the planning process! After all, you’re freaking getting married! We’ve got to celebrate!!


Our Design Style

Just like your signature coffee order or shade of lipstick, we have a signature design style. It’s wild, it’s romantic, it’s whimsical. If that’s your jam, then honey, we will rock your world.

We always like to say, if you can find it at a grocery store, you probably won’t see it in our arrangements. We love big fluffy blooms, cool textures, and wild greenery.

You will also have access to our in-house decor inventory. We have a curated collection of lovely vessels, bud vases, and candle holders.

If you’re looking for something we don’t have, 9 times out of 10, we can source it or build it!


The Investment

Pricing for our Full Service Weddings begin at $3500 and can vary depending on the complexity of your event.

Every wedding is different, and during our initial consultation together, we will discuss your specific needs and create a custom, line-itemmed proposal that will outline everything in great detail.

Additional services like budget development, DIY assistance, calligraphy & others are available at an additional charge.